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When a child reaches an age which he/she can focus for a longer time and can apply this towards practicing regularly, then they are considered ready for music lessons. The parents are responsible for evaluating whether their child is prepared or not as the age can vary since each child is unique and develops at their own pace. Before this milestone occurs, it is found that children shall benefit initially from preparatory music classes where they have more physical freedom and can enjoy learning through playful movements and songs.

Often, an excellent place to begin is with an instrument that the child has already expressed an interest in. Most instruments, aside from piano, can be altered for the student’s size. These include the violin, cello, and guitar. Our teachers are happy to guide parents and students in purchasing or renting the appropriate instrument. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please Contact Us

Cost of lessons: $36.50 per half-hour + annual registration fee of $45.00

The tuition is paid in advance for the academic year either in full or in two payments due in September and January. The registration fee is due at the time of registration each year for both new and returning students. Please fill out the registration form here.

A Registration Fee of $45.00 is due upon Registration every year for new and returning students. Fill out the registration form here.

Perform at Student Recitals

Students are encouraged to prepare for recitals, which are held twice a year, in December and in June. They can participate in master classes, festivals and auditions. These opportunities greatly enhance and develop performance skills and allow students to share their artistic vision with others.

Both our student and Faculty series recitals take place in the Recital Hall of the Briton House Retirement Center at 720 Mt. Pleasant Ave. The hall contains the Institute’s grand piano and the seniors of the center are delighted to be regular audiences at these events.

Learn Music Theory

The Royal Conservatory curriculum requires any student who desires to pursue Grade 5 instrumental studies, and higher levels take co-requisite written courses to expand their practical knowledge. Successful completion of theory examinations along with the appropriate instrumental exams is accepted as credits towards secondary school graduation diplomas.

Learn music theory by registering for music lessons at the North Toronto Institute of Music.



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