School Policy

Our curriculum provides an opportunity for students to develop their talent, in a caring, personally attentive atmosphere. Not only the skill, but also the enjoyment of music is emphasized. Comprehensive knowledge is included in the sequence of courses.

Registration & Tuition Information

A non-refundable registration fee of $45.00 per child, per academic year, payable to the North Toronto Institute of Music, is to be paid before the first class commences.

Students are expected to attend a complete academic year of 40 lessons at a time mutually agreed upon with the teacher.

All lessons must be paid for whether taken or missed with the following exceptions:

  1. Lessons cancelled by teacher
  2. Lessons cancelled for reasons of prolonged illness
  3. Lessons that fall on statutory holidays or any day the Institute is closed. Check our school calendar here.

If a student intends to observe religious holidays resulting in missed lessons, the teacher must be informed at the beginning of the year and mutually agreed upon lesson times scheduled.

Lessons that need to be replaced must be scheduled within a month of the missing lesson. Teachers do not make up lessons already rescheduled. Lessons stopped due to non-payment of tuition are not made up.

Priority Registration Form (2016-2017)

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Print and fill out this form and bring it in to the school when you’re ready to register. To make an appointment, call 416-488-2588 or email us.