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Piano Lessons

When learning this dynamic instrument, the student can progressively master simple to complex harmonies. Playing the piano also keeps the mind sharp and increases concentration for academic success.

Learn to play piano

Benefits of learning and playing piano:

  • Improves Reading Comprehension
  • Improves Rhythm & Coordination
  • Improves Performance in the Classroom
  • Broadens Vocabulary
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Provides an “Unplugged” Outlet and Entertainment
  • Practice with Time Management & Organization
  • Expands Cultural Knowledge
  • Strengthens Hand Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination

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NTIM Instructors

Mary Kenedi

Mary Kenedi made her Carnegie Hall debut in 1983. She has her Licentiate Diploma, Bachelor of Music in Performance and Master of Music in Music Education from the University of Toronto. She also has a Diploma from the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. She has taught at the Royal Conservatory for 25 years and was […]

Glen Sawich

Glen Sawich has an ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. He also has a teacher’s certificate in the Kodály Music Method. He has performed and conducted choirs in Canada and the U.S. He taught at Humber College, the Royal Conservatory, Baldwin Conservatory and is in the Examiners’ […]

Emanuele D'Onofrio

Emanuele D’Onofrio

Emanuele D’Onofrio is an Italian composer, pianist, and musicologist currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition at the University of Toronto. As a pianist, he has been performing for several public and private events and TV shows (Italia’s got talent, 2011). His music has been played worldwide by several orchestras and ensembles […]

Babak Naseri

Babak Naseri is Iranian-Canadian musician and pianist who started learning piano at age 6 in his native home country Iran. He later on co-operated with junior orchestra of National broadcasting of Iran and continued his musical educations under numerous masters. He later on continued his musical educations in UK and Canada and has been granted […]

Narineh Sisserian

Narineh received her undergraduate degree from the Parsegh Ganatchian Music Institute of Aleppo where she was twice awarded first place in Piano Performing. Narineh holds Master’s Degree in Composition and Performance from Armenia/Yerevan. She is a composer and loves arranging solo and accompaniment pieces. Narineh’s teaching methods focus on teaching variety of music genres including […]

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Jesse began studying violin with Sheila nearly 5 years ago, and has made steady progress from day 1. Sheila is flexible with her teaching style and is positive, patient and understanding. She challenges him, and always provides good guidance and advice. Jesse greatly appreciates that she asks him for his opinion about both his playing and repertoire, helping him develop his ear, self-confidence, and engagement in his learning. The school’s twice-yearly recitals provide us with the opportunity to perform together (with me accompanying him) – a special experience for us both.

Karen Elkin


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